Green Soup

Green Soup
This is kind of just a set of guidelines, almost any green vegetable will work, you can vary the stock, the allium, and the seasonings. It’s a nice healthy way to eat your vegetables.

Bacon fat or other oil
Onion or shallot, garlic of you like
1 bunch of a green vegetable—I prefer pea vines, but you could also use watercress, spinach, chard, or any leafy green thing. Last batch I made was pea vines and fennel.
Chicken stock
Salt and pepper and other herbs or seasonings that sound good
Optional, ½ potato or a scant ¼ c rice. This is to thicken and add body without using cream. Not that there’s anything wrong with cream, mind you.
Chop your onion, shallot, garlic. Saute in your fat. Fill pot ¾ way up or so with your stock. Add green leafy vegetable, the pot should be packed fairly tight with greens. Add optional starch and cook until greens and optional starch are cooked through. Blend completely with your immersion blender, or with a regular blender if that’s all you have. Adjust seasonings. Freezes well too.

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