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Fallen Chocolate Souffle Tart

Fallen Chocolate Souffle Tart This is one I’ve been asked for many times. Easier than it sounds. Just follow the directions. Good with sweetened whipped cream on top, with a dash of liqueur mixed in. Vegetable oil 1/4 c (1 … Continue reading

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“Those” Noodles

Someone (who?) brought this to a potluck I recently attended. It’s a pretty unassuming dish, but it’s packed with flavor. Enhance its visual appeal by adding chopped red bell pepper. “Those” noodles 1# angel hair pasta 1/3 c peanut butter … Continue reading

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In honor of the Cinco, today I am sharing my posole recipe with you. I got it a million years ago from my old friend Carolyn McLean. This is *really* tasty. Pozole 1. Overnight: soak 2/3 cup (12 oz.) hominy … Continue reading

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Red Salad Dressing

This is an old one of my mom’s. Red Salad Dressing ¾ c olive oil ¼ c vinegar (cider is good) ¼ c ketchup ½ t paprika ¼ t ground black pepper 2 T honey 1 t salt 1 clove … Continue reading

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