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Joy of Cooking Senegalese Soup

I finally got a new copy of Joy of Cooking. My original copy was old when I got it in 1985, when someone conveniently left in a Dumpster for me to find. The other day, I pulled out my new … Continue reading

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Senegalese soup

In the olden days of the Two Bells tavern in Belltown, they had some fantastic soup specials. There was one in particular that I went nuts for—their Senegalese soup, redolent with lush chicken stock and spicy curry. Imagine my surprise … Continue reading

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Patrick Moylan’s Chile Posole Caldo Verde, or really good chili?

The other day, I made this stew, but for the meat I used ground beef and seasoned ground chicken. Everything else was according to recipe (though from scratch rather than using canned stuff) though I threw in a little more … Continue reading

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Watercress Pesto soup

This was a moment of inspiration in my kitchen today. Since it was put together on the fly, the proportions are up to you. It was quite delicious, unsurprising since this is basically a permutation falling somewhere between pasta with … Continue reading

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