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Quiche Lorraine

This recipe was first seen several years ago in Cook’s Illustrated. It’s the very best quiche out there, making a pie that’s smooth and custardy. Make it with whatever filling you like—nearly anything will work, though I think some type … Continue reading

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Senegalese soup

In the olden days of the Two Bells tavern in Belltown, they had some fantastic soup specials. There was one in particular that I went nuts for—their Senegalese soup, redolent with lush chicken stock and spicy curry. Imagine my surprise … Continue reading

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Kick Ass Cornbread

This one comes courtesy of my old pal Jeannette McDonald. Be sure to make sure it’s cooked all the way through—as the batter’s on the wet side, this can be a problem. This one’s a real crowd-pleaser, good for potlucks. … Continue reading

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