Those Damn* Pecan Ball Cookies

More from the family recipe box. For those not in the know, Nana is my mother’s mom, Alice Jean. AJ/Nana DID participate in the Domestic Arts, but at least in MY lifetime, it always seemed to be somewhat…how can I put this delicately….under duress? She was a lot more comfortable at the Alexandra di Markoff counter at Frederick and Nelson or jetting off to Greece or something along those lines.

Mom was kind enough to digitize this so I could just cut/paste.

aka Russian tea Cakes, Mexican Wedding Cookies, etc. etc.

1 c butter, room temperature

½ c powdered sugar

2 t vanilla

2 c flour

¼ t baking powder

1 c pecans, chopped small (abt 4 oz)

plus more powdered sugar

Beat butter in a large bowl w/mixer on medium speed w/ ½ c powdered sugar and vanilla until smooth and light. Mix flour w/baking powder and add to butter mixture. Blend until smooth, and add pecans. Shape into 1” balls and place at least 1” apart on a lightly greased baking sheet. Bake 25 minutes until cookies are pale gold and bottoms are barely browned. Let cookies cool on baking sheet ‘til just barely warm (important). Place more powder sugar in a shallow bowl and roll cookies gently to coat. Note: if you jump the gun and the cookies are too hot, the powdered sugar will melt and your cookies will be sort of homely. Finally, let cookies set up on a rack for about a half an hour. Makes 32-36, but I always double this recipe because these are so popular.

* Allison and I always made Nana bake these, and I think she was so bored with them that they became the Damn Cookies . (from Mom)

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