Kowboy Koleslaw

This recipe developed out of need, as many of the best of them do. When I’m out for several days camping and fishing, I want to eat my veg, but they need to be low-maintenance and durable. You can shred the cabbage at home, or do it the quick-n-dirty way with a bag of prepared coleslaw mix.

Shred all. I use a mandoline, or you can use a food processor. The thinner the better.


sweet onion

red bell pepper

green bell pepper

yellow bell pepper

any other mild peppers

jalapenos, deseeded

Jalapeno ranch dressing

Shred vegetables, toss in large bowl, bag in gallon Ziplock bags. Pack in ice chest, alongside the salad dressing.  Dress right before eating. This keeps your slaw crisp and delicious. Undressed slaw will keep for up to five days.

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2 Responses to Kowboy Koleslaw

  1. Carry says:

    You can also dehydrate this mix and rehydrate it many days down the trail! I’d use salsa for dressing you decide to do this though.

    • Allison Woods says:

      Great idea Carry!! I’d pack it fresh (undressed) for trail consumption within a couple of days and squeeze some Taco Bell packs into it for “dressing”. The ingredients are low in water so nothing’s gonna get mushy, and it’s not really heavy for fresh food.

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