German-inspired slaw

I put this together when my CSA sent me a giant, perfect head of red cabbage, and I had an invite to a German-themed potluck. It is a simple riff, but good enough to write it down. Nothing is set in stone.


1 head red cabbage

1 sweet onion

1 green pepper

Shred all slaw ingredients, removing any bulky bits. Store in a resealable container or gallon Ziploc bag.


apple cider vinegar

mustard powder

celery seed

prepared dijon mustard

salt and pepper

walnut oil

bacon jam

I prefer to make a vinaigrette in a wide wooden salad bowl, but any old bowl will do. Put in enough ACV to start, maybe 1/3 of a cup. Add mustard powder, celery seed, and a dab of dijon. The dijon helps the dressing emulsify. Drizzle in walnut oil (olive oil will do) beating with a fork until the acid balance is just right, and then add in the bacon jam a teaspoon at a time until you’re happy with it. Salt and pepper to taste. Then transfer the dressing to a jar, and dress salad as needed. If you store the slaw undressed. this salad will keep for 3 days or so.

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1 Response to German-inspired slaw

  1. Linda Kachinsky says:

    Both these recipes sound fab. They are things your grandfather would love. I will make them both. Loaf.


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