My basic turkey stuffing recipe

1  yellow onion, chopped

6 stalks celery, sliced


1 small head fennel, chopped

1-2 shallots. chopped

1 apple, chopped


dried cranberries



2 sticks unsalted butter

1-2 packages of stuffing mix or stale bread cubes (sourdough imparts a distinct flavor, use with caution)

3-4 cups any poultry stock (unsalted is best)

1 bunch fresh parsley, stems removed, chopped

1 bunch fresh sage, chopped fine




truffle salt

Saute/sweat onion and celery until soft in 1 stick of butter over medium-low heat. If using shallots or fennel, sweat them too. Melt second cup of butter, keep handy.

Using the biggest bowl you have, combine bread cubes, sautéed vegetables, any other optional ingredients, and a cup or two of the stock. Add about half of the parsley and sage, some salt and pepper, and mix everything thoroughly. Start tasting the mix and adjusting seasonings/fat/herbs/stock until it tastes good. The stuffing should be in the moist-to-damp range, definitely not soggy. If it’s going inside the turkey, make it a little drier as the bird adds moisture, if its going in a (greased) casserole, a little wetter, as baking will dry it out.

If baking, roughly 30 minutes at 375F, covered in foil until the last ten minutes or so. Stuffing tends to stick less in ceramic or glass. Be sure to grease or spray whatever pan you use.



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