Baked Pasta Amatriciana

I had a bunch of bacon in the fridge I had to get rid of, so I put together a batch of Amatriciana sauce. It’s a basic red sauce with bacon, onion, garlic, tomatoes, and maybe roasted peppers. I ended up with a ton of it, so I wanted to come up with some cool way to eat it. I was thinking of doing a lasagna of some kind, but after discovering the flour bugs had gotten into my lasagna noodles, a Plan B had to be formulated.

I took the basics of lasagna and did a little tweak. I layered sauce, dollops of low fat ricotta, and cooked rotini pasta, and topped the whole thing with mozzarella cheese. Into the oven it went, at 350 for about a half hour with foil on top. Took the foil off, baked another 10-15 minutes, and voila! Absolutely delicious!

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