Sweet Salsa for canning

The key is to really drain the tomatoes well. Also, don’t cook the mixture any longer than necessary.

9 pints

10# peeled seeded chopped DRAINED tomatoes*

1 1/4 # chopped onions

7/8# mixed chopped peppers—your choice on how many of what kind and how hot

1c honey

1c vinegar

4 cloves garlic, minced

Boil tomatoes, peppers, honey,salt, garlic. Add onions, return to boil. Add vinegar, return to boil. Pack boiling into sterile jars. At this point, I flip the jars over and let the heat of the salsa seal the jars (making sure when I put the lids on that the rims are spotless), but the safe way to do it is to boil in a hot water bath for 15 minutes. There’s enough acid in this recipe for the shortcut to work fine, plus the boiling further breaks down this rather delicate salsa.

*Save the drippings, called “tomato liquor”. Freeze in ice cube trays. very useful any time you need a touch of tomato flavor.

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