Spicy Meat

This is an easy taco meat that goes well to a potluck. There are many uses for this tasty stuff. Adjust spiciness by subbing a can of salsa for one of the cans of chipotle sauce if you must. Pork works just as well.

In crockpot or on stovetop, or in oven

stew meat

onions, sliced or chopped

1-3 cans of La Morena chipotle sauce (available online at mexgrocer.com, also at Spanish Table in Seattle)

optional: a little bit of choocolate

Brown meat and onions in a little bit of fat on stovetop. Then put in preferred cooking vessel with chipotle sauce, some water, and a bit of chocolate if you like. Cook beef over low heat until falling-apart tender. Remove, let cool, shred. Take cooking liquid and reduce on stovetop until it’s saucelike. Put meat back in sauce.

Serve with queso fresco, sliced avocados, and warm tortillas, or taco truck style with chopped onions, cilantro, and tiny tortillas.

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