Marinated Sundried Tomatoes

I think I got this recipe from PCC, but it is not on their website.

Shelf life 14 days.

1 bunch basil leaves
8 cups sundried tomato halves–use fresh ones, not sad ones that are all dark and dried out
3/4 c evoo
3/4 c sunflower oil (sub regular olive oil if you don’t have this)
3/4 c red wine vinegar
1/2 c minced garlic (mince large amounts of garlic in food processor, dropping in peeled cloves with motor running)
1T dried oregano
1T ground black pepper

Cover sundried tomatoes with boiling water, soak until tender. Drain and dry. Whisk oils, vinegar, salt, pepper. Toss garlic, herbs, tomatoes, dressing. Nom nom.

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