Emmett Watson’s Corned Beef Hash

His recipe originally appeared in the Seattle Times on November 26, 1990. If you’d like to read the narrative, which is delightful, it’s here.

Here’s the nuts and bolts version:

1 can corned beef (yes, canned is better for this recipe)

1 large onion, minced fine

1 large potato, minced fine (not a bad idea to parboil or nuke for a few minutes)

1 egg

2T dry red wine

freshly ground black pepper

celery salt

chopped parsley


2t dry pancake mix

optional: 1 bell pepper, dry mustard

bacon fat or oil

Mix first three ingredients, then egg, then wine, then spices. Fry. preferably in a cast iron skillet, and preferably in bacon fat, until crispy. Be prepared to have a coronary and die happy.

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